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Investigate the “extras” with franking machines

The basic function of a franking machine is to frank mail so that postage stamps are redundant. Franking was designed to save the user time and money in this vital element of business.

Whether a franking machine is taken on contract hire with a company like the highly regarded IMS Franking Machines or you choose to buy outright there is something that you should know…franking machines host several helpful business tools.

  • Franking removes a need for stamps.

These could have been applied in a slapdash fashion or with a variety of values to meet the total postage cost.

The appearance of a franked item of mail is professional and printed so it offers a positive initial recipient response.

People like tidiness and clean lines. Franking offers this.

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  • You may not realise it but alongside the post related information for Royal Mail you can add your company logo or slogan.

Again, this shows more thought and quality than stamps.

As contract hire franking machines are quick no time loss will be experienced by adding additional icons.

  • Advertising on franked mail is perfectly legal and it doesn’t take an extra penny out of your budget.

Pre-programmed messages can be printed on every franked item so if your Christmas sale starts on 15th November or your company is 50 years old in 2017 you can shout about it, albeit in ink, with this free form of advertising.

Every person who sees the item of mail is a potential customer. They have a need which your firm could fulfil.

By placing your company name in their eye line you should spring to mind.

  • From the logo, slogan, advertising and professional appearance of mail a firm should see their business enjoy a growth in leads generation, conversions and sales.

Subliminal messages will have been delivered without any great effort. You can count the profits.

  • Reporting is so much easier with franking machines which can work out VAT reclaim values (on applicable machines) and cost centres can be set up to monitor departmental postage costs.
  • Save time and money. Franking machines and the postal network are co-ordinated and controlled by Royal Mail.

A franking machine takes care of all postal service needs.

Special or guaranteed services don’t necessitate queuing at the post office when you could be concentrating on another core business task.

When you buy a franking machine it can cost £1000 plus which is why many clients prefer to take the rental option. Supplies are bought through the hire firm and they can offer 24/7 online facilities.

Buying a machine means that consumables can be sourced from any supplier but there won’t be a maintenance contract in place to call on experts if there’s a crisis. Is that a risk you’d be happy to take?

As hire firms and franking machine sales companies can attest, you will save money with a franking machine so why not take advantage of the other benefits?