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What are Hose Bellows and Why Would I Need Them?

Hose bellows are a type of pipe fitting which are designed to use their unique flexibility to absorb vibration and noise, as well as correcting misaligned pipework or neutralising movement within a system – for example if a motor is causing vibration and shaking, and a conventional pipe would transmit that through the system, a hose bellows can prevent the shaking from going any further, stopping transmission at the free-moving bellows before it carries on.

Ideal for use in pumps and pumping stations to avoid the transmission of vibration and noise from the pump throughout the rest of the system, a hose bellows is usually a short tube of corrugated steel or a moulded rubber tube, sometimes in the form of a ball or other resilient shape, which can make the best use of the rubber’s flexible, shock-absorbing qualities.

This allows a certain degree of flexibility within a portion of your system, and, more importantly, means that you can put an inertial damper into yourpumping station, engine assembly or other motorised pipework. This isn’t just an improvement in comfort and noise levels, it can be mechanically important as well.

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What are the different types of hose bellows?

Hose bellows come in two distinct varieties, as noted above. The first, which has been explained more or less in detail, is the rubber bellows hose.By using thick, industrial-grade rubber, these bellows are able to provide an incredibly robust and tough hose, able to stop vibration dead in its tracks. Longer rubber bellows, or those composed of the traditional ridged bellows structure rather than a more esoteric ball, cube, pyramidor other shape, also has the advantage of using its more pipe-like structure to mimic the capabilities of a flexible hose, allowing some lateral movement or flexibility in the greater structure. This will allow your piping to survive a bend, unexpected or otherwise, making it much more resilient and providing you with some key peace of mind.

The second type of hose bellows is the corrugated steel hose bellows, which, while sometimes laterally inflexible and incapable of bending the way that a thin rubber hose bellows could, provides great strength and vibration absorption ability at low cost.

A corrugated steel bellows is made in a similar way to corrugated metal piping, with ridged metal tubing to allow flexibility and extension. It is then often braced to only allow extension and compression as axes of movement, creating a sturdy bellows which can move in extension and compression, forcing vibrations to travel along its length and be distributed through the bellows instead of transferring on as a solid pipe would. This causes sound and potentially dangerous vibrations to be eliminated or reduced to a negligible level throughout the system.

For more information on hose bellows – either rubber hose bellows or steel exhaust bellows – or to place an order or request a quote for bellows of your choice, you can get in touch with Proflex Hose on 01257 220 010 or visit their website at any time, and simply fill in the contact form there to get in contact. The experts at Proflex Hose will be happy to help you find the bellows that suit your needs!


Reviewing Your Brand – An Important Branding Strategy

There’s no doubt that you should offer your customers the best possible products or services. However, building your brand doesn’t only depend on that. It also depends on how you and your employees maintain your company’s image in the eyes of your customers. And this should be reviewed every now and then.

Reviewing Your Brand

While reviewing your brand, keep in mind that your employees and customers will typically have a sentimental attachment built to it and even may have a sense of ownership of it.

Hence it is crucial to remember that any alterations you make can be sensitive to their relationship with your brand. Strategic marketing consulting firms like BrandQuest advise to consult your customers, employees and suppliers to evaluate the wider perception of your brand and use those findings.

If you find any problems with the experiences of your customers, resist the temptation of simply changing your logo (which is usually wrongly known as “rebranding”) to solve them. It won’t solve the problems and will prove to be costly, e.g. if the problems are associated to failings in your staff training or system.

Keep in mind that the entire customer experience is represented by your brand and not only your stationery or signage, and it cannot be modified overnight. It’s important to review your customers’ experiences with your company regularly.

By doing this, you can get early indications of any component of your brand that is failing and you can take timely action to rectify it. This will save a lot of money for you and will eliminate the requirement of rebranding your entire business.

Opportunities of Growth

The reviewing of your brand will not only show you an underperforming element in time, but will also areas where you can expand your business. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to utilise your findings of review to see whether your brand can endure being expanded to other products and services.

For example, if your review shows you that your customers intensely connect your brand with specific products, it may be a good idea to introduce new products under a sub-brand, perhaps with a new logo.

For the growth of your business, you must support innovation and advancement of your products and services. This way you can stay ahead of your competitors and effectively fulfill the changing requirements of your customers.

However, your core values should always be reinforced by your brand and your customers should be provided a reliable and consistent experience. Thus your brand may become synonymous to innovation but won’t change in itself.


Because your brand includes most parts of your business, right from stationery to delivery of products or services to customers, it may be hard to set a budget for brand building and maintenance.

Still, it’s advisable to set a budget, or else money can be spent unnecessarily. A budget helps you to focus your mind and prioritise your funds on branding efforts. Before spending any funds, make sure those funds will help fulfill your promises and support your brand values.

Main areas for which you can set a budget are:

  • Design requirements, including signage, logo, product packaging and business stationery
  • Advertising
  • Time you will have to spend on making sure your employees understand your brand
  • Updating your company’s website
  • Your premises

Materials you will need to provide to your employees to let them carry out what the brand promises, for example, cost of customer service.

You need not do all this at the same time. If you are on tight budget, you can allot less money for packaging, advertising and stationery. But it’s advisable to consider your future growth while developing your image since changing it in the future may prove expensive.

If customers and employees have developed a relationship with your brand, it can be troublesome to change.

You can learn a lot about some corporate branding strategy from BrandQuest. Keep in touch with such sources and you can build your brand successfully.


Stewart Albertson & Keith Davidson: Best Estate Planners For You

You may not know what estate planning is and it is quite obvious. Many people often confuse having Will or a Trust, with an estate plan. But that is not the case. Trust and Will forms two integral parts of the plan, and the main key is to have a thought-out and coordinated plan for the said assets. It is also associated with future and personal care. After you have developed the plan from the core, the necessary documents can be well drafted to put those plans into proper action. If you need help with those plans, you are always asked to get along with the Stewart Albertson & Keith Davidson right now.

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Proper plan for you:

Creating that perfect and proper estate plan is important thing, which you can get along with for protecting your family, yourself and assets, from falling into wrong hands. Estate plan comprises of so many benefits, half of which you have no idea. A proper form of estate plan can protect you during your lifetime by offering you with a predetermined plan or those, who can oversee you and the assets when you are not able to take care of it. Without such a proper plan by your side, your well-being can always remain to determination of courts.

After the death:

After your death, the plan can offer your loved ones with the perfect environment for living their lives properly in predetermined and ordered manner. You have already determined the ways in which your assets are to be held, administered and even distributed. Therefore, you are always going to get the place set for your beloved when you are not around or died. A proper estate plan can always provide your family with the best help without going through time consuming and costly court intervention.



Self branding

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