Advice On the Choice of Fabric and Color for Men When Selecting T-Shirts Online

T-shirts are known as the favorite style items for almost every man in this era. T-shirts rather can be tagged as default apparel for guys. There are today numerous brands offering you with a wide number of choices regarding size, design, and color. With the advancement in technology, online shopping has eased one’s shopping hassle. These shopping sites bring to all collection from almost all popular brands around the world ensuring that you can make your selection easily.

Fabrics and colors you should go with for your tees

Talking of selecting a T-shirt from the lot available, there are certain things that you need to keep into adherence. It is a must to pay attention to the following aspects- fabric, color, fittings, function and style. Of all these aspects, the first two i.e. fabric and color choices of T-shirts online play significant roles. This article discusses these two factors in details.


Selecting the right fabric is highly essential because you will feel comfortable only when you go ahead with the right fabric.Usually, light materials cost more compared to those relatively weighting high. Going ahead with cotton is considered the best choice, especially Pima or Egyptian cotton. This is because they are carefully woven from long staple fibers possessing long life, looking thinner and making you feel lighter. Cotton blends to make a good option. While cotton and polyester blends cost low and are easy to be maintained, cotton and elastanehold your body in shape. Common fabric options you enjoy buying t-shirts online are:

  • Combed cotton
  • Pima cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Merino
  • Bamboo
  • Jersey
  • Rayon
  • Polyester


Talking of color, it is the most important factor to take into concern after fabric. You need to have at least one white, gray, black and navy blue t-shirts in your wardrobe.

These colors are recommended for the respective causes:

  • White– This color complements well with all type of skin tones.
  • Gray– This color enhances one’s body shape virtually. It also hides sweat marks easily visible with dark colors.
  • Navy Blue-This color is suitable during daytime unlike black and are considered best for creating a unique style statement when paired with jeans.
  • Black- This versatile color perfectly goes with most other outfit combinations.

Well, you can also experiment with other colors too because t-shirts are regarded as the easiest procedure of experimenting with different colors such as purples, red, blues, and greens.

Wrapping it up

Concluding the note, it is essential to say that ensure the color you select for your t-shirt is not the one clashing with the skin tone. Again be particular about the fabric. After all, it is a comfort that matters most.

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