Alcohol Addiction Recovery: What Comes After Rehab

Completing an Alcohol addiction recovery program until the end is a major accomplishment for a recovering addict. Although it is a big step towards the right direction the bigger challenge comes after rehab when you have to enter the real world again. Avoiding alcohol is easier when you are in a treatment facility and have professionals who monitor you 24 hours. Going back to your life outside the rehab center as a sober person requires more self-control and discipline.

Relapsing is a very real and scary aspect for a recently sobered alcoholic. To help heighten your success rate, here are a few tips on how you can adjust into a sober and healthy life after rehab.

Identifying and Avoiding Triggers

There may be certain things, memories, and even people who will trigger your desire to reach for the bottle again. Identifying and staying clear of these triggers will lessen the chances of a relapse and will help you stay sober. If it is impossible to avoid these triggers, find a healthy alternative to replace drinking which will keep you distracted and sober.

Join a 12-Step Program

Many rehab facilities offer recovering addicts a chance to join a 12-Step Program while they are inpatients. Those who have completed the program are encouraged to join similar programs outside of the rehab center to give them a safe place to share their journey with people who understand. A 12-Step Program is a wonderful support group for a recently sobered alcoholic and many build new and healthy relationships with the people they talk to during AA meetings.

Get Rid of Old Friends

Many alcoholics often find themselves relapsing because they reconnected with an old friend after finishing their alcohol addiction recovery program. Although a familiar face is comforting it is not ideal to spend time with old friends who drink often. These types of friends are not helpful when staying sober as their drinking might trigger you to start drinking again.

Stick to Your Recovery Plan

When you first enroll yourself into a rehabilitation center, experts will assess you and give you a personal recovery plan. This is a handy guide for you to follow in and outside of the rehab center. Aftercare plans will usually involve group therapy, support groups, getting to know a sponsor, and other helpful aftercare programs. Putting yourself first is necessary in maintaining sobriety and just because you are out of the facility doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

Get Help When Needed

A big reason why many recovering addicts relapse after leaving the rehab center is because they fail to ask for help. Staying sober takes a lot of effort and it is impossible to do it alone. When you feel like you are about to fall off the wagon or you are having a difficult time controlling your impulses to drink ask someone for help. This can be a loved one, your sponsor, or the rehab facility you just left. Remember that you are not alone and you can always ask for help.

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