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How to Prepare for Making Tax Digital

Are you running a business in the UK? If you are, then you might be aware of coming changes to the taxation system. Presently, this is going to be known as Making Tax Digital, and it’s going to transform the UK taxation scene. Presently seen as too cumbersome and paper-driven, the aim to move everything to MTD is a good idea, though not without its controversy. For example, if you are not sure what MTD is, then you might be caught by it when the changes eventually come through.

If you wish to prepare for MTD, though, it would make sense to start looking at the first thing you need: good software. Whatever system you use at present, you will soon find that Making Tax Digital might not be applicable to it. Only certain software packages will be fully suitable for this change, so it’s important that you keep that in mind.

For example, if you are used to using a particular software solution then we recommend you contact them as soon as is possible. If your business is falling into the MTD for VAT threshold, too, you will need to act sooner.

What if my present software will not be MTD-suitable?

If that is the case, then you will need to look around as soon as is possible to find a new solution. Sadly, many companies will be caught unaware by the change. It would be wise for you to avoid making the same decision. If you wish to do so, then we recommend that you start spending some time looking at some of the options on the market.

For example, some accountancy software is made purely to be suitable with MTD for VAT. If you would like to find reliable and professional taxation systems, then you should look to use a service which is easy to use. A modern and preferably minimalistic design structure is preferable.

However, you also want to work with a company that can help you to understand the latest changes and features of MTD. Make sure you only use accountancy software which goes out of its way to explain the full nature of MTD so that you can better prepare for it.

If you do that, you are much more likely to come out the other side with a positive experience. Any company which is set to make the move from normal VAT taxing to MTD for VAT should look to find help as soon as is possible. As MTD for VAT is still in its relative infancy, you will find that it’s not going to so easy to determine the changes you need to make.

By working with software specifically made to handle this problem, though, you run a much better chance of succeeding here. If you are worried about upcoming changes to your taxes, then, you should absolutely look to make the right choice now. Making Tax Digital for VAT is just around the corner, so it’s essential that you prepare now.


Use Tekmetric Auto Repair Software to Boost Performance in your Business

Using Auto repair Software in your shop is unavoidable if you want to increase business productivity by streamlining all the operations in your shop. While manual operation can lead to mistakes, an automated system enables you to perform operations with efficiency and leaves no room for errors in your work. That is why many shops have embraced Tekmetric since it has changed the way shops operate.

Why should your shop embrace Tekmetric auto shop software? When you use this software, you eliminate the chances of making mistakes in your daily operations. Also, as a shop owner, the software will enable you to make the right decision and work closely with your employees to increase productivity in your shop. The aim is to improve the quality of the services you offer, retain your current customers and attract new customers. You will attract new clients because they will see that you are professional in your business. Tekmetric understands that running your shop effectively without the use of software is difficult and that is why they developed the Auto repair Software to help in running the business smoothly.

Helps you to identify redundancies in your Business

Many business owners and employees spend much of their time on things that are not necessary to their shop. But when you use effective Auto Repair Software like Tekmetric, you can know the operations that are crucial in your shop and focus on them. The system helps you to know the most important tasks that you must focus on and help your employees to be productive. Such things will increase the success of your shop.

Improve Communication within your Shop

Many auto shops are affected by a lack of effective communication. For operations to run smoothly in your auto shop communication has to be transparent. You should avoid a case whereby someone points out something, and by the time it gets to the right person, it is different from what the person spoke. Poor communication within your shop will lead to other issues and decreased performance. Most of the differences in an organization arise because of a lack of proper communication. That is why Tekmetric Auto repair Software is designed to automate all channels of communication.

Tekmetric Helps in Improving Client Experience

Did you know customers are essential in your business? Without clients coming to your business you cannot keep it running, and it is crucial to ensure you cater for all their needs to maintain them. When operating manually, there are chances of making mistakes and failing to see them even when customers complain. If you serve customers and they are not satisfied they will move to other auto shops where they think they will get the best service. When you purchase Tekmetric auto shop software, you will organize your business in the best way and satisfy all your customers. The software will make your shop stand out from your competitors by offering quality services.

Tekmetric Helps in Provision of Quality Services

Not all technicians are skilled in all areas, and sometimes an auto shop owner can choose a technician who is not suitable to perform a particular task. That is why there have been horror stories from customers getting technicians to do work, and instead, they end up destroying everything. With Tekmetric this cannot happen because there is no guesswork.

Companies which use outdated systems cannot match those using latest and advanced technology because they are prone to making mistakes and cannot retain their customers or attract other customers. Outdated systems can also waste much of your time. Take advantage of effective systems like Tekmetric and have the best experience in your shop.


Can Trucks Really Be Eco-Friendly?

Have you seen the news recently stating the UN’s warning that we have twelve years to save the world from catastrophic changes in our climate. This is a daunting and frightening thought but it also gives us a purpose. We need to make sure we work together to make those fundamental changes in our environmental behaviours now, rather than delaying these changes and leaving them up to future generations.

Both small and large businesses need to step up and take action. They should already be recycling, planting trees, and also use eco-friendly trucks. And yes, trucks can really be eco-friendly.  Have a look at and see what they are doing to ensure the environment is kept safe.

Trucks need to meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standard, and also replace all of existing trucks.

But what does Euro 6 emissions standard mean?

Simply put, trucks that adhere to Euro 6 emission standards produce a very tiny carbon footprint, and they are even safe enough to be left running at the workplace with no worries about health implications (yes you’ve read it correct). This standard came into action on 1st September 2016 with the ambition of making vehicles cleaner and much better for the environment. Compared with Euro 5 emission standards, the Euro 6 standards ensure that vehicles comply with a reduction in Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 80%, and a 66% reduction in soot particle emissions. As well as reducing Nitrogen Oxide, there is also a reduction in pollutants including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide.

Trucks burn off their own toxins, and do not release any of the horrible odours you can smell with older models. The science behind this is that the trucks use a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter, and a non-toxic solution called AdBlue to turn pollutants, such as those stated above, into water and nitrogen particles. Essentially, they convert their own waste into something that is not harmful, which is for the environment is a breakthrough.

Next step is to look at hydrogen and battery power for trucks.

Watch this space.


Why Do We Need to Use ClickFunnels, Why Just Not Use WordPress?

No one can deny WordPress is one of the greatest. When you have a website that is based on contents strictly, then there is no replacement of WordPress for management of your content, and there will be no need for you to use ClickFunnels.

So, when there is nothing to sell for you on your website, or if you don’t want a platform for membership in your website for any reason, you should only stick to WordPress as your CMS.

Whereas, if you are building your niche, you need to outsource some of your works, you might need ClickFunnels with its full suite options. You can read ClickFunnels reviews here.

Also, if you are thinking about how to sell on Amazon UK, you might need to consider ClickFunnels as an option, and especially when you are running paid traffic on your own website of e-commerce.

Where can ClickFunnels be Beneficial?

If your niche website is content-based, you can set up a membership site for your contractors, and they can log in and check what is expected from them when they want to work on your website. So, ClickFunnels existence on your website becomes crucial here. You can either setup password protected pages for the contractors on the website. Also, you can make a separate site for them to work in to by easily providing the instructions and covering all your online properties, just not only one website.

If you are a seller of any product, digital or physical, for example, membership site, software, etc.), then ClickFunnels is the best option and worth using it as it has advanced selling features.

How to buy ClickFunnels?

You can do one thing; you can go through ClickFunnels pricing guide if you want to buy it. Also, you can try a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels before buying it.


Uniform Design: Names or No Names?

Dave is an auto mechanic in a major U.S. city. His employer, a well-known car dealer, provides free uniforms through a rental agreement with a uniform company known as Alsco. Dave’s shirts include the dealership’s logo embroidered on one breast pocket and a patch bearing his name on the other. Dave is having second thoughts about the wisdom of wearing his name on his shirt.

He was okay with it when he first started working for the dealership. But over the years, he has noticed that customers have become a bit too familiar. He is concerned that displaying his name invites customers to treat him like a family member or friend when he is, in fact, a total stranger. But Dave also realizes that the decision to display employee names on uniforms rests with his employer.

Whether or not to include names on uniforms is not as easy a decision as it sounds. There is a lot to consider. Even in cases when it is appropriate to display names, sometimes it’s better to use separate name tags or ID cards rather than incorporating names directly into uniforms by way of embroidery or patches.

Names and Company Image

Though the example of Dave and employer-provided uniforms is fictional, it is actually quite common for workers in certain industries to have names on their uniforms. Often times this is a matter of presenting a certain kind of public image. The auto mechanic example works well, so let’s run with it.

Auto mechanics do not necessarily have the best reputation. Thanks to a small number of unscrupulous mechanics that use their independent garages to take advantage of people, the entire industry suffers in the minds of customers. The point of putting names on mechanic uniforms is to present a more friendly and personable image that helps customers relax.

Companies sometimes use names on sales team uniforms for the same reason. Customers tend to feel more relaxed when they see an employee name because they can now address that worker on a first-name basis. This levels the playing field and makes for more fruitful discussions.

Names for Security Purposes

Another reason for considering employee names on uniforms is to improve security. Names make it a lot easier to identify workers when security concerns arise. Then again, perhaps a better way to go is with an official ID card that includes both a name and picture. Combining a photo ID and the employee’s name embroidered on his or her uniform is the best of both worlds.

Facilitating Better Communication

Business-to-consumer enterprises rely heavily on worker-customer relationships. It may be that putting employee names on uniforms facilitates better communication between them. For example, consider a company that offers carpet and upholstery cleaning. Think about the difference a name on a uniform could make when technician and customer first meet.

The technician is at a clear advantage because he knows the customer’s name. That could put the customer on the defensive. But if the technician’s name is on his shirt, any advantage he has automatically disappears. The customer now knows his name as well. This equal footing should facilitate more open, honest discussions.

Names or no names? That is up to employers to decide based on their own goals and circumstances. Sometimes it is appropriate to add employee names to uniforms, other times names are neither necessary nor the right call. And in some cases, the question of employee names is automatically settled with separate photo ID cards. The point is that there is no right or wrong answer. Each company must decide for itself what is best.


How to establish a company in HK to stay clear of Business Vel?

Puncturing of Business Shroud: In the Context of Lawful Obligations Cover-up

If a capitalist that recognize hk company registration services, as well as after that to utilize a business to hide or manipulate lawful responsibility of any kind of various other individual or any kind of entity after that there is the arrangement to puncture the company shroud, adhering to the instance of Gilford Motors Carbon monoxide which is comparable to some instances for offshore incorporations HK ltd, where, Horne was the MD of the firm, called Gilford electric motors co that deals in the marketing of automobiles, their extra components and also maintenance of lorries. Horne surrendered from the firm and also developed his very own business dealing in marketing of automobiles as well as extra components. Firm was not subjective of the limiting contract, Horne was right into, yet shot of Piercing of Corporate Shroud on the procedures of firm was taken into consideration, due to the fact that of Horne s individual commitments to the business.

Whereas English legislation negates this concept and also does not think about the lenders of one firm to be responsible for the financial debts of the 2nd, also though the controller of both business is typical. Flaux J approved in this situation that company shroud can be punctured to qualify plaintiffs to look for the aid of court to proclaim transfer, null space rather of making an additional business accountable to pay for its moms and dad business s financial debts, for which that firm is not accountable neither its lenders.

Teaching of Piercing of Corporate is itself so perplexing that, based on its misuse, information as well as concepts should be detailed on the application of this teaching prior to you recognize how to establish a company in HK This post will certainly review this teaching in context of camouflage of lawful responsibilities.
Gilford Motors v Horne
If a financier that recognize hk company registration services, and also after that to make use of a firm to hide or make use of lawful commitment of any kind of various other individual or any kind of entity after that there is the arrangement to puncture the business shroud, adhering to the situation of Gilford Motors Carbon monoxide which is comparable to some instances for offshore incorporations HK ltd, where, Horne was the MD of the business, called Gilford electric motors co that deals in the marketing of lorries, their extra components and also maintenance of cars. Horne surrendered from the firm and also developed his very own business dealing in marketing of automobiles as well as extra components. Business was not subjective of the limiting arrangement, Horne was right into, yet shot of Piercing of Corporate Shroud on the procedures of firm was thought about, due to the fact that of Horne s individual responsibilities to the business.

Jones v Lipman

In Jones v Lipman, the supplier as a non offshore incorporations HK ltd intended to side-line himself from the lawful commitment to move your home to the complainant buyer under the agreement. Court maintaining the instance of, Gilford Electric motor Carbon monoxide v Horne, purchased the firm to move the business to Mr. Jones, a complainant, Mr. Russell J held the proof therefore: firm was under the control of supplier as well as was obtained by the supplier as well as transfer of it was only based, to beat the complainant, he even more prolonged his judgment by claiming that: Firm was a mask behind his face to prevent the acknowledgment in regards to equity.

Describing the choices of over 2 instances also if they were non offshore incorporations HK ltd instances it can be presumed that court can release order versus the business also without the demand to conjure up Piercing of Corporate Shroud. In Gilford Electric motor v Horne, Court might purchase the firm to avoid from conflicting in the legal partnership in between the Gilford Motors as well as Horne without the requirement to pierce company shroud. In, Jones v Lipman, court might limit from conjuring up pierce of company shroud by dealing with business as an owner of residential property on the basis that it got the residential or commercial property prior to the fair passion of the complainant, in the residential or commercial property.

This situation was brought prior to the Hong Kong s court, where a business called Hung Tak, authorized an agreement with Liu Hon Ying in 1994 as well as was accountable to run a solution relevant to shipment of federal government kinds in between Hong Kong as well as Shenzhen, as per the agreement, complainant was qualified to get 38 % of the revenue, for the only 1st year of agreement, complainant was paid after than Hung Tak moved its company by developing one more business called, Hua Xin State Venture (Hong Kong) Ltd. Court of very first circumstances conjured up Piercing of Corporate shroud as company framework can not be utilized to hide lawful commitments.

In this situation, Linkwaters was took over by the Kelly Mckenzie Ltd with arrangement of permitting Linkwaters to wound up with the financial obligations continued to be overdue in favour of reasoning financial obligation to complainant. The court of charm verified test court s choice that: Company shroud should be punctured on the concept that firm can not be utilized to hide the lawful responsibilities hence all offenders remain accountable for the financial debt.

As the above 2 instances takes into consideration the transferee accountable for the transferor s financial debts, by puncturing the business shroud. Whereas English regulation negates this concept as well as does rule out the lenders of one firm to be responsible for the financial obligations of the 2nd, although the controller of both firms prevails. In the decision of Creasey v Breachwood Motors Ltd., court was prepared to make transferee accountable for the transferor financial obligations, yet this choice was overthrown by the English Court of Charm in the situation of Ord v Belhaven Pubs Ltd, where court observed truths to be non-compiled with the issue including property removing.

Prosecution of Linsen International Ltd v Humpuss Sea Transportation Pte Ltd

Flaux J approved in this instance that business shroud might be punctured to qualify plaintiffs to look for the aid of court to proclaim transfer, null space as opposed to making an additional firm reliant spend for its moms and dad business s financial debts, for which that business is exempt neither its financial institutions. Flaux J used the exact same strategy in Ord v Belhaven as well as stated that, last business can not be made responsible to spend for the cases of the plaintiffs based on underlying agreements, with puncturing of shroud.

It can be presumed that; aberration shows up pertaining to the concepts to conjure up piercing of company shroud, in between the techniques of English as well as the Hong Kong lawful system. English courts believe that transferee needs to not be made responsible for the transferor s financial debts whereas the Hong Kong courts considers them accountable, which is quite noticeable when it comes to Lee Sow Keng v Kelly Mckenzie Ltd.


QROPS Help & Advice: No, And Low-Income Tax Countries For British Retirees

Many British citizens dream of retiring abroad and swapping a cold climate for something a little warmer, maybe even tropical. One of the key things all those looking at retirement need to keep in mind is that their pension would need to last for the duration of their remaining years. There are a number of key investments which those entering retirement can look at with the most popular being QROPS.


Apart from the investment benefits of QROPS, retirees who wish to move abroad can save more money on their pension by selecting one of the top listed countries which not only offer ideal retirement surroundings but also low or no income tax on their pensions. If you want to avoid income tax on your pension, here are some of the best places for retirement. A key aspect to remember is that retirement abroad without QROPS can mean that your pension is taxed in the UK at around 20% – 45%. Additionally, you may be subjected to a further tax of 45% should you die after the age of 75. See this link for help and advice on this topic.


To avoid crippling pension taxes more and more retirees are opting to move their pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme or QROPS. When setting up correctly and in the right country you might even find that you will pay no tax whatsoever on your pension. For those who do not want to move too far away from home, here is a list of the best countries for retirement in Europe. These countries also have the best QROPS benefits for retirees.



Not only does Portugal feature amazing coasts and beautiful beaches but retirees opting to make Portugal their new home will be delighted to discover that for the first 10 years of your stay in the country you will not pay income tax on your pension. Additionally, should you move your pension to a QROPS, you will also be able to avoid UK tax regulations.



Beautiful Andorra is perfectly situated between Spain and France. Although retirees will still be subjected to a 10% income tax payment on their pension, by opting to move their retirement funds to a QROPS, retirees will be able to avoid high UK taxes.



Residents of Monaco are not charged any income tax and if you as a retiree want to move to Monaco you will want to avoid being taxed back in the UK. To do this, you need to take up an investment through a QROPS.



The postcard-perfect Maldives situated off the southern tip of India is a dream retirement destination for anyone. If you’re looking for another great reason to move to the Maldives after your retirement you’ll be happy to know that there is no income tax in the country. If you move your pension to a QROPS you will also be able to avoid UK taxes.




ผ้าม่านหน้าต่างเป็นสิ่งที่จำเป็นสำหรับในทุกๆบ้านผ้าม่านหน้าต่างมีไว้เพื่อสำหรับป้องกันแสงแดดที่ร้อนแรงส่องผ่านเข้ามาภายในบ้านของเราหรือห้องของเรา ไม่เพียงแค่บ้านใครที่มีคอนโด อาพาร์ตเม้นหรือห้องต่างๆที่ต่างๆที่เราได้อาศัยอยู่นั้นมีหน้าต่าง มีประตูเป็นกระจก แน่นอนว่าทุกๆคนจะต้องรีบมองหาผ้าม่านหน้าต่างมาติดไว้เพื่อจะได้มีความเป็นส่วนตัวมากขึ้นและบังแดดได้มากขึ้นอีกด้วย


                หากพูดถึงผ้าม่านหน้าต่างหลายๆคนคงยังสงสัยว่าผ้าม่านหน้าต่างนั้นมีอะไรบ้างแบบไหนบ้างนี่เลยผ้าม่านหน้าต่างนั้นจะมีม่านตาไก่ ม่านพับ ม่านจีบ ม่านล็อค ม่านคอกระเช้า ม่านหลุยส์ ม่านม้วน และมีม่านรูปแบบอื่นๆอีกมากมายเราสามารถเลือกได้ให้ตรงตามสไตล์ของเราเองได้ถูกใจแบบไหนก็เลือกแบบนั้น ม่านแต่ละแบบมีคุณสมบัติอย่างไรดังนี้

                ม่านตาไก่ เป็นผ้าม่านหน้าต่างที่สามารถเลือกรางโชว์ตามรูปแบบดีไซน์ที่ต้องการมีทั้งแบบที่คลาสสิค เหมาะกับการตกแต่งบ้านแบบคลาสสิก

                ม่านพับม่านชนิดนี้จะสามารถพับได้ สะดวกง่ายต่อการติดตั้ง

                ม่านจีบม่านจีบสามารถติดผ้าได้ 2 ชั้นคือผ้าม่านโปร่งและผ้าม่านทึบเป็นม่านที่ได้รับความนิยมมายาวนานจนถึงตอนนี้ เพราะสามารถเข้าได้กับการตกแต่งบ้านได้ทุกสไตล์ แล้วแต่จะเลือกเนื้อผ้าและสีสันม่านจีบจะมีการจับจีบรอบตัวและเว้นระยะห่างเท่าๆกัน

ม่านล็อคม่านล็อคลอนจะมีลักษณะคล้ายตัว S ต่อกันไปเรื่อยๆปัจจุบันคนนิยมใช้กันมากเลยม่านตัวนี้ ม่านล็อคลอนนี้จะให้ความรู้สึกทันสมัย เรียบหรู ดูแพง

                ม่านหลุยส์จะคงความหรูหราดูดีมีสกุล เหมาะมากสำหรับผู้ที่ชอบสไตล์โรมันๆผู้ดีอังกฤษสามารถเลือกใช้ม่านหลุยส์ได้

ม่านม้วนทำความสะอาดง่าย ไม่เก็บฝุ่นด้วยรูปแบบที่ทันสมัย ม่านม้วนมีทั้งชนิดกันแสง และแบบกรองแสง ปรับความสูงได้ตามที่ต้องการ ที่สำคัญใช้พื้นที่ในการติดตั้งน้อย และใช้ได้กับหน้าต่างบานเล็กไปจนถึงบานใหญ่มากๆ

ผ้าม่านหน้าต่างในปัจจุบันนี้เป็นเรื่องและเป็นสิ่งที่สำคัญมากกับคนที่มีบ้านเพราะการเลือกผ้าม่านหน้าต่างที่ดีไม่เพียงแค่ทำให้บ้านดูดีก็จะทำให้ตัวเรานั้นดูดีไปด้วยเพราะรสนิยมในการเลือกของนั้นก็เป็นตัวชี้วัดหรือบ่งบอกได้ว่าเราเป็นคนสไตล์ไหนแบบไหน การที่เราจะเลือกผ้าม่านหน้าต่างราคาถูกแพงไม่สำคัญสำคัญที่ว่าผ้าม่านหน้าต่างนั้นจะเข้ากับบ้านเราได้ดีหรือไม่ดีออกมาดูสวยหรือไม่มากน้อยเพียงไหนหากอยากซื้อผ้าม่านหน้าต่างแต่ไม่รู้จะซื้อที่ไหนร้านกิจถาวรมีครบทุกอย่างเลือกได้ตามสบายไม่ว่าจะอยู่ที่ไหนก็เข้าเว็บร้าน เลือกดูเพลินได้เลย


Why do you need Stage Lighting Trucking services?

It is a fact that for arranging everything about an event which needs stage and lightning, is an exceptionally overwhelming task particularly with regards to logistics. There is so much that you need to do such as connecting with the venue you are planning to choose for the event, locate the staff who can and have handled such events in the past and can do numerous different things which are tedious and obviously, a standout amongst the most critical things that you would need to deal with is moving the equipment starting from one place onto the next in the most opportune and safest way. Something which is extremely important for organizing events is stage transportation as it can influence your reputation as well as your income.

Why do you need stage transportation?

Usually when events are organized, the event planners have a lot of pressure to deal with. And in case you need to put off the event due to inefficient stage transportation system, it can clearly lead to a lot of loss, which you clearly won’t want to do. Therefore, selecting the right transportation and logistics company for your event is something essential, and of course, it influences the general success of the event, and for that you simply can’t pick any transportation company you find.

What are the requirements for a stage transportation company?

Any logistics and Stage Transportation company requires years of experience in the particular transportation domain. They need to have an armada of modern transportation equipment and different sorts of vehicles and with a group of experienced, proficient and friendly drivers, you can get the best stage and lightning transportation services in time and you can totally trust them with your goods.

Why do you need stage lighting?

Stage lightning is required when you are arranging a show, a play or any another event. You move your gear starting from one place onto the next, but the best thing is to leave this task in the hands of genuine experts.

“Round the Clock Logistics” is known to give services that you expect from any logistics company inclusive of stage and lighting transportation services. What makes them diverse is that they give counseling as far as the logistics are concerned, and they have work licenses as well which makes them enrolled and authorized to accomplish these tasks. Their drivers too are experienced and authorized and you also get insurance on each bit of equipment being delivered to your event venue.


The Top 3 Advice for Building an Ideal Portfolio

A well maintained portfolio is a very important ingredient to come up with the recipe of success. What we mean to say is that you cannot just start investing without taking time to build an excellent portfolio.

For starters, you need to make sure that your portfolio meets the requirements of your future capital goal. In addition, MetaTrader 4 the way your portfolio is constructed should also give you some peace of mind in the way that it reacts to market peaks and valleys.

Overall, what you really need is a systematic approach to building your portfolio.

Here are three of the best advice Online Forex Trading that investors can ponder on when building their very own investment portfolio.

Image result for Online Forex Trading

Advice 1: Do not forget to have a solid plan.

When you’re entering a war, you’re primary goal is to outperform the enemy and make him surrender. You need to be ten steps ahead of him as much as possible. However, you cannot do that if you don’t have any battle plan. Mere guts and guns wouldn’t be enough.

And it’s very much the same with building a portfolio. You can start dumping in chunks of investments on it, but if you don’t have a plan, you wouldn’t get a clue on how well or how badly your portfolio will perform in the real battle.

Specifically speaking, a well-planned portfolio is a well-diversified portfolio that sports different investment vehicles and exchanges, while you keep an eye of sectors and markets that have a huge potential to have stellar performances. Last but not least, a well-planned portfolio also takes into account your risk tolerance and willingness to try new strategies.

Advice 2: Prioritize quality over quantity.

Bear in mind that one high quality book can beat a series of 10 badly written books. It’s very much true in the case of portfolios.

Most of the time, it’s not the number of your holdings that makes your portfolio profitable, but the quality of the holding within the portfolio.

The underlying fundamentals of each of your holdings should back up the perceived strength of such an asset. For instance, you shouldn’t add a holding that is currently being propped up without checking the fundamentals, which may go contrary to the perceived strength of the assets.

One fundamentally strong holding can outperform 10 overrated securities.

Advice 3: Have commitment to your goals.

You cannot really expect to get what you want if you don’t know what you want. In fact, even if you somehow gained some riches in investing in the beginning, having no clear goals will still drag you down in the end.

Still, having well-defined goals can still be quite inadequate to help you achieve the success that you want if you are not willing to commit to your purposes.

If you commit yourself to your investing goals, you will have more resolve in doing what you think is best for your portfolio. It will also answer to your dire need of investing direction.