B2B Technology Sales, SME Growth and Positive Customer Experiences

The National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses Limited statistics indicate that SME’s are the driving force behind the UK’s economy. 5.5 million private sector businesses produce a combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion. That’s 47{1993f4a5d3342fa976bfa348765429ec85c838cff69263f01b84571393328f33} of the private sector turnover.

Without a robust online presence, an optimum user experience website with visibility and accessibility as key factors, a business leader is preparing to disappear from the market place, even if they don’t realise it.

Digital is the present and future technology business management asset. If you can dream it, then why shouldn’t “it” become a reality. Draw on individual and team strengths, embrace innovations and enjoy extraordinary results.

Why You Need to Care About Your Customer’s Customer

Successful business leaders are passionate about their target market, the segments and their respective niches. If you want to sell to successful decision makers, become just as passionate about their target market. A tepid approach will affect the process and results.

If you don’t engage and become excited by a project, why should anyone else care about your B2B technology sales and benefits?

Negative feedback about a website’s user experience (UX) and a customer experience (CX) is another factor to address. We know that in business a positive experience is key, a slip at the planning or production stage with an uninformed business leader could cost them custom and send the attrition rate up rather than facilitating an increase their market share. Experts are essential.

Speak to a technology business management consultant

Using a qualified and experienced expert’s knowledge means that you get it right.

B2B technology sales specialist, David Orren, who works with Thames Valley Business Advisors to help SME’s excel and expand can take your enterprise to a more satisfying level; wouldn’t you like to increase business 100{1993f4a5d3342fa976bfa348765429ec85c838cff69263f01b84571393328f33} over the next three years? Utilising practical growth strategies with David or one of his team members is a wise investment for you to make because the benefits won’t just sit with you, they’ll ripple to your customer’s customer. The strategies are tailored to your business and what’s important to you.

Harness his and other sector experts’ experience to realise your goals. Don’t struggle to innovate or concentrate on a measure which won’t impact strongly. For example, in the B2B technology sector although cost reductions are welcomed by your customers and they can then pass these savings on to their customers, it is more valuable to them to acquire new business and achieve growth.

If time and energy is spent on the smaller objectives when there are substantial ones to tackle this echoes down the chain, ultimately to the technology customer’s customer and their experience.

A positive B2B technology sales process is a sum of several parts, it does not rest on traditional concepts of customer services.  Get ahead of your customer’s rivals by recognising how an innovation can reenergise and build on current satisfaction and business levels.

Contact a technology business management and growth specialist today.

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