Buying and Disposing

For the GWC Valves company, since they are a retailer that sells and manufactures different types of valves, it is important for them to understand that there are issues related to purchase and post purchase activities. A consumer’s choices are affected by many personal factors and the sale never ends at the time of their purchase. 

The different issues related to purchase and post purchase activities for consumers include first eh antecedent states where there are different factors including, time pressure, their mood, situational factors, the usage contexts and the shopping orientation along with the purchase environment involving the shopping experience, the point-of-purchase stimuli and the sales interactions, when it comes to the post purchase processes this ahs to do with the consumer satisfaction towards their purchase, the product disposal and the alternative markets that may be available to them.

For the situational effects on the consumer’s behavior, this has to do with the consumption situation meaning that this is defined by contextual factors over and above the characteristics of the person and the product. The GWC Valves company has noticed that consumers will tailor their purchases to specific occasions involving the way that they feel at a particular time and this can affect whether they buy something or not. The situational self-image also plays a huge role, which is identifying usage situations. For the physical and social surroundings, are affected by the consumer’s motives for the product usage and the product evaluation along with the décor, the odors, temperature of the retailer. Co-consumers as product attributes is something that they can do as well meaning that large number of people makes the retailer more appealing to purchase from, the interpretation of this can be due to the density or the crowding, and then another factor is the type of consumer patrons matters and the consumer contamination.

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