Choosing A Los Angeles Video Production Company: 5 Metrics To Measure

There are a lot of guidelines out there when it comes to choosing the best Los Angeles video production company. However,the phrase alone is already quite misleading. Given that there are at least a few hundred video production companies out there in the Los Angeles area alone, narrowing it down to “the best” is not as easy as one might think.

But if you were to tweak that sentence and narrow it down to the best video production company for your project, that would make more sense.The result would also be easier to measure. See, when looking for a third-party production team that would best suit your video needs, there are five metrics you should keep in mind.


“No matter what your budget, you’ll be able to find someone to create videos for you,” writes Jennifer Jager on Entrepreneur, and its solid advice. If you’re really hard-pressedfor finances but need a decent video, there are thousands of freelance video producers out there and startupvideo production houses that charge the bare minimum.

Just remember that quality and price are often directly correlated. Ergo, you are the best one to judge how far you can afford to stretch yourfunds to get the best possible option for your project. Regardless, budget is an important metric to keep in mind.


How often do you plan to use the company? And, on a related note, how often do you plan to release videos? Are you aiming for a video a month or one a week? Is this video going to be part of an on-going series or is it a huge standalone project? The number of times you plan to use the company should also factor in to your decision.

Quick tip: if you plan to use them for smaller, more frequent videos, it might be worth asking if they have a bulk discount or a special package deal that you can take advantage of.

Culture Fit

When deciding on a third-party production team, Wistiaencourages potential clients to learn all they can about the Los Angeles video production company before making a decision. If they don’t share similar philosophies or values with you and your company, they “may not be the right company to accurately represent you and your culture.” You can get a rough idea of what they’re like—business model, mission, vision, and the like—by reading their blog or asking previous customers about them.

Tech, Talent, and Access

You get what you pay for—this is true in the general sense, but some companies offer a good deal more than others for the same price point. What this means, basically, is that company A and B could both charge you $500. However, company B has better, more complete equipment than company A. Company A, on the other hand, hasa bigger team and access to professional voice actors with different accents.

Neither Los Angeles video production company is, in the strictest sense, “better” than the other. However, you have to decide which one suits your project more; the one with more high-tech equipment, or the one with more resources?

Production Quality

Production quality is a pretty tricky metric considering it has sub-metrics of its own. You can measure production quality by looking at the finished product. Is the audio crisp and clear? Is the video well-lit? Do the angles enhance the scene or do they make it look overdone? If it’s animated, do the animations look like they were done by a professional or a first-timer?

This metric is where personal opinion is the only quantifiable data. When it comes down to it, you’re going to choose the Los Angeles video production company with the style that catches your eye. In fact, for a lot of people, production quality is the very first thing they look at when choosing a company. The remaining metrics, of course, help refine the decision.

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