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Even though it is a known fact that it is not easy to drive after having had a few drinks, and that most drivers would avoid driving if under influence for more reasons than one, the law seeks no arguments on this front. Under the circumstances, if you are found guilty of driving under influence, a police officer may stop you in that condition, and make you undergo tests to assess your alcohol levels. In case these tests reveal that the amount of alcohol found in you are beyond the permissible levels, then, you can be assured of facing the kind of music that you would love to avoid. If this happens, you may want to get in touch with an experienced Coffee County DUI attorney to understand your position in the DUI conviction and find the best ways of getting respite from the legal tangles waiting to get you in their grasp.

In order to get off the hook, it is essential to get in touch with a Douglas criminal defense lawyer specializing in DUI cases. The tips given under will help you get your hands on the right lawyer who will bail you out without much fuss or ado.

  • It is wise not to rely on the claims given by an attorney that he or she is competent in handling all kinds of DUI cases. Remember, most lawyers are not specialized in handling DUI cases yet they lay down such claims as they have studied the relevant laws (in brief) that would apply to your specific case.
  • Steer clear of advertisements and self-promotion materials that state that a particular law agency can handle just about any kind of case. Be suspicious if you must, and always be on the lookout for advance training and specialized education in the specified fields related to your case.
  • Be quite wary of attorneys who specialize in just about everything. It is possible that such “experts” are trying to keep in touch with all updates in the legal field, along with those applicable to DUI cases. As such lawyers are not really focused they may not be in a position to extend the best possible help to you.
  • Do check out if a lawyer is completely familiar with all the tests conducted by police officers and other authorities that are out in the field for determining your levels of sobriety. Far from being merely familiar with the tests, the lawyer in question must be an expert in gauging the accuracy of tests and the reliability of their reports. In order to help you out, he or she should understand the processes involved and know how each one works.

All in all, the DUI attorney chosen by you should be well equipped with the latest laws governing driving under influence and be confident enough to get you out of troubled waters.

All the best!

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