Here’s What’s In Your Cab

Unless you’ve been inside a truck, you’ve probably never seen an HGV cab. Sure, this may not sound exciting, but the cab is where many men and women spend a good portion of their lives while they are out on the road. So, we’ve decided to talk about the HGV jobs cab and take you on a tour.

Sleeping Compartment

The sleeping compartment is the largest thing in the HGV’s cab. Truck drivers are supposed to rest at certain intervals, as this is required by law. HGV companies realise that spending nights at a hotel can result in massive bills. Instead of paying for hotels, they decided to add a sleeping compartment, which gives drivers a place to sleep.

The sleeping compartment is one of the reasons cabs look the way they do. Cabs must provide drivers with enough room to sleep or to stand up. The compartments aren’t exactly 5-star hotel rooms, but they do contain the most important things, such as a bed and sometimes a small fridge.

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Truck drivers must have the right driving tools, which is why there are certain tools found in HGV cabs. Driver tools found in an HGV cab are different than what you’d find in standard cars. For example, the steering column is wider and the space between them are larger.

The seats are large enough to fit three people. The dashboard usually features various instruments, including a sat nav, which helps drivers find where they are going. Those are only a few of the tools found in an HGV cab.

Storage Space

Besides the basics and the cargo being transported, there will be a lot of things a driver will bring with them, such as a bunch of documents and delivery paperwork that needs to be signed. Foods, drinks and things for entertaining are also stuff a driver usually brings. Let’s not forget about stuff like shovels and blankets, as they come in handy for emergencies.

Drivers’ belongings can take up a bunch of space and HGV designers know this, which is why they make use of the space under each seat. The seats contain storage compartments below them, and this allows drivers to store whatever they want. You might be surprised to see how much storage is beneath each seat.

Truck drivers basically live in their vehicle, especially when they have to travel long distance. The cab in their truck doubles as their home and provides them with a place to sleep and to live in. The cab has everything a driver needs for a journey lasting a few days, and this includes ways to keep themselves entertained. Some drivers bring along portable cookware and use them when they pull into a rest area.

This helps them save money because they don’t have to go to a restaurant every time they get hungry and they don’t have to keep spending money on snacks and drinks when they pass by stores. Many drivers only leave their truck when it’s necessary, such as taking a bathroom break or when they need to stretch their legs. This is one of the reasons why some HGV’s have a flat look to them. Now you know what to expect to find in an HGV cab and why they look the way they do.

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