Rules When Buying Sleeveless Shirts

Men just love sleeveless shirts and even women at times. Are you fond of wearing sleeveless shirts as well? If you are, you should check out Bewakoof as they have a wide array of them. They sell dresses online and sleeveless shirts are one of them. They have the latest in fashion thus you will surelylove selections of clothing apparels.

Do you know that there are don’ts and dos in wearing sleeveless shirts? Check them out below:

  • Decide whether the shirt is as a standalone or as an undershirt

There are different types of sleeveless shirts. There are those that are meant to be undergarments and there are also those that are for standalone. Thus you should make up your mind first what you need or you will be lost with the almost endless options in the market these days.

  • Consider your type of body

Men have different types of body. There are those that are muscled and there are also those that are lean looking. If you are the muscled type, then you can benefit with the standalone types of sleeveless shirts. You can also go for the V-neck types as they show more skin. However, if you happen to be with a lean body, you can just use the square styled sleeveless shirts as they will just hang loose to your body.

  • Balance the design of the sleeveless shirts to the bottom apparel

This is not a problem if you will just use plain pants or shorts. However, if you will use printed pants, you should try to balance the print and the color of your sleeveless shirts as you might look like overdressed or lost. One thing you must note as well that sleeveless shirts are not appropriate for some occasions like during formal events and so on. So you should take note of that as well.

  • Consider the print

Most of the time, sleeveless shirts come with prints and sometimes, they are too offensive. Thus depending on the situation and your age, you should consider the print of the shirt. Don’t wear something too offensive like you are already insulting the people you met.

Bewakoof is a casual wear brand and a company name at the same time. You can check their website as they have a wide array of sleeveless shirts as what is mentioned above.

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