Taking Annual Trips on the Cheap

Like most people, you love to travel. You may even talk with your family and co-workers about how much you’d love to travel more but you just don’t have the time or money. However, you’re probably your own worst enemy when it comes to financial roadblocks. Whether you want to take the kids to Disney or you dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower with your spouse, check out these ways to help you save money on annual trips.

  1. Start a savings account.

Looking to cruise the Mediterranean two years from now? Open a savings account now. What about a European vacation? Well, consider this: a typical two-week European vacation can cost upwards of $10,000, which will vary with how many people are in your party and what kinds of hotels you want to stay at. Hit up your local bank as well as online providers to talk about savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and vacation accounts.

  1. Go all-inclusive.

This is a great way to save money – by bundling your food, hotel and more. Mexico and Aruba are common places that offer affordable all-inclusive packages where you eat and drink for one low price at the hotel of your choice. Go online and use sites like Kayak and Expedia to compare rates. Often, you can save money by bundling rather than do it piecemeal.

  1. Compare airfare

In the same vein, sign up for alerts online that can compare rates for airfare and tell you when they hit your price mark. The rumor is that airlines put out their new rates for the week late on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. New, affordable prices pop up around midnight so snag them if you can.

  1. Short cuts

Try Skyscanner to find the cheapest deals on airfare, hotels and car rentals all on one site.

Or, try the Codeshare Trick: This is when two different airlines sell the same flight. If you enjoy flying with a particular airline, take advantage of this instance when airlines work together to sell the other one’sflight at a slightly lower price.

  1. Invest

Investing in the stock market can increase your savings exponentially. Got a portfolio already? Talk to your broker about your goals and how you can best go about achieving them. Just do your researchand make sure you don’t blindly follow advice. It’s also a good idea to have a stock fraud attorney check your portfolio. A stockbroker fraud attorney can help you determine if any of your capital has been mismanaged. As with any type of trading, make sure your broker handles the accounts properly; otherwise, a stock fraud attorney should review your losses.

A yearly trip sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be when you plan ahead. There are great deals to be had all year long; to save the most, try to go away in the off season. At some islands,like Hawaii or Aruba, you can’t go wrong with the weather no matter when you visit.

To be safe, heed tourist and travel warnings by checking theUS Department of State website before you leave.

You too can invest wisely for a yearly trip!

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