The social media metrics that should matter to your brand

There are many ways to measure social media metrics from low budget to high budget methods, and analytics tools for specific platforms. Social media metrics give a brand the opportunity to showcase the impact of their work and how successful a campaign is. Metrics will also allow businesses to allocate budget to social media projects accordingly. 

Firstly, you need to determine your social media goals. For every goal, you need a related metric which will verify if your social media strategy is effective or not. 

The public relations team at Adoni Media know the ins and outs of social media marketing and metrics. Here are the top metrics you need to know about. 

Engagement: Likes, comments, shares and clicks

Engagement metrics give you an immediate figure of how well your content is performing with your audience. High engagement rates indicate audience responsiveness, popular types of content and awareness of your brand. 

Awareness: Impressions & reach 

If your goals for social media are focused around brand awareness and perception, awareness metrics are important. Impressions are how many times a post shows up in someone’s timeline, and reach is the potential unique viewers a post could have. 

Share of voice: Volume and sentiment 

Share of voice metric indicates how much of the online sphere your brand is taking part in and is often used in public relations. Improving share of voice is a metric that you’ll likely measure over time as it’s hard to maintain a high level at all times. 

ROI: Referrals & conversions 

Referrals and conversions are related to both sales and marketing goals, and ultimately major business goals. Referrals show how a user lands on your website and conversions are when someone purchases from your site. 

Customer care: Response rate & time 

Along with the performance of your social media posts and accounts, it is equally important that your customers have a good experience with your brand. Response rate and response time metrics allow you to track how fast your team is responding to important messages and how many of them are being responded to. 

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