The Top 5 Customer Trends of Call Center Outsourcing Focus in 2017

The dialogue between a business and the customer that its call center outsourcing provides is essential to every company’s lasting success. Customers valuate brands differently today as innovations in technology allow them to engage with companies in a more immersive experience.

Consumers’ awareness of companies and brands continues to increase as points of contact are innovated through mobile applications, social media, and electronic mail. Consumer expectations require businesses engage them with faster response times and greater eleventh-hour awareness of their specific need.

Businesses enrich their customers’ experience by responding to their queries with a strategic plan. A brick and mortar and a website are parts to a solution. The companies that provide an immediate connection point without extending customer wait times will continue to increase their productivity as they enter 2017.

Companies that implement a comprehensive outsourcing call center platform in 2017 will provide customer convenience and create consumer recognition as the established authority. As businesses become more socially intuitive in recognizing consumer’s interactions and trends.

The Top 5 Customer Call Center Outsourcing Trends in 2017

Voice of the Customer (VoC):

Business in 2017 will evolve their traditional surveys to understand the patterns of customer interaction. They curate customer feedback to improve consumer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships, social interactions, and in-store and website engagement.

Social Feedback

Companies attentive to customer disruptions mitigate potential consumer issues in relation to product availability, promotions, and valuation of products in real-time environs. While they create communication points between the customer and their brand.

Social Listening

Pinpointing topics that interest consumers to comment and share can help to broaden the company’s social reach. Allowing customers to provide insights about the company and any brand performance.

Customer Self-Service

Customers shift toward self-service is due partly to lesser availability of personal assistance. Customer call center outsourcing places the control back with the consumer and establishes company credibility and trust as more customers lean towards immediate responsiveness through mobile, electronic and social destinations.

Consolidating Vendors

A necessary consideration for companies and businesses that outsource is the trend toward consolidating vendors. Businesses prefer to manage a single outsource solution than implementing or supervising many. Outsource call center providers in 2017 that demonstrate the value of streamlining business productivity with round the clock customer assistance will help to innovate business growth.

Companies that outsource are able to refine truer partnerships with their clientele that can increase conversions in sales and revenue from cross-sale activity and up-sell packages that enhances business and brand relationships.

The call center service platform offers a vital solution to enhancing customer service. The needs of the consumer will continue to evolve as technology continues to innovate. Business who outsource call center services responsibly can create vital connections with consumers that will continue to enrich and intuitively evolve the customer experience in 2017.

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