Tips on Preparing for a University Fair

When attending a fair put on by universities you will have a great chance to meet important representatives, gather information and even pick up a few free promotional pencils and other gifts. Most importantly, you will be able to have any questions you have answered regarding admission policies, learn more about study options, course content, careers for graduates and a lot more. Let’s take a look at these ten tips that can help ensure you get the most out of your day at a university fair.

1. Take the Time to Research Study Options

Before attending the event you should put some effort into researching your various study options. Doing this will help you get more from the representatives and other advisers regarding their specialised knowledge instead of just asking them information that is publicly available on the internet.

2. Put Together All Your Questions

To make sure you don’t leave out anything important, write all of your most pressing questions down on a note card. These could simply be a checklist of topics you want to cover such as any admission requirements you want to be aware of or course structure, tuition fees or application deadlines, or they might be very specific questions you need answered. Make no more than 5 key points and focus on the things that are most important to you.

3. Make Sure You Know the Schedule Before the Event

It is recommended that you check the final schedule for the day, a week or so before the university fair will take place. You should write down the specific start times of panel discussions or presentations you want to attend and even some of the ones you are only somewhat interested in.

4. As Soon as You Arrive You Should Get Yourself Oriented

It might take time to get oriented at the event. You will likely get a floor-plan which shows you the layout of the fair and its events, and it will include information about the different schools that are at the event and where they are located. Hence,  the map can be used to plan out your route.

5. Don’t Close Your Mind to Anything

If you prepared properly then you will have a plan, but also keep your mind open to opportunities you didn’t plan for. Your ideal course might come in a form or class you never expected or you might even discover there is a scholarship in a country you never considered but is perfect for you. You should keep in mind that all of the universities there are interested in students from that region and they all potentially have something to offer that you might be interested in.

6. Speak With Other Candidates

The most important reason for attending the fair is to meet university representatives and other experts in person. But when and if the opportunity arises you should take the chance to speak with other students attending the event. You can listen to the questions they are asking the admission reps and other experts. It is possible they will cover something that hadn’t occurred to you, but is something you are interested in.

7. Know What Time It Is

It is not uncommon that a student gets caught up in one conversation and loses track of time and misses their chance to get another important point answered because time runs out. Consider setting an alarm to send you reminders at key times to keep you on track and a final alarm that alerts you to the fact that time is running out so you can get in that last set of questions you have. Make sure to listen for announcements for upcoming presentations and panel discussions.

8. Bring a Guest With You

You are encouraged to bring a guest. Your friend or companion can help remind you of important questions or events you wanted to attend. They can remind you of a question you might have forgotten to ask and even help afterwards remembering key points.

9. Have Paper, Pen and a Bag With You

You will need to take notes so make sure to remember to have a pen and paper on hand. You may think you can just remember it all, but that is not likely. The bag is for all of the prospectuses and information packs you will get at the event.

10. Sell Yourself

The representatives are looking for students that stand out. Consider your appearance when getting ready and practice how you will introduce yourself. You should consider the impression you are giving with the questions you are asking and how you ask them.

The end of the event is not the end. You will need to sort through the information you collected there and you may have follow-up questions you want answered. Then, it is a matter of reaching out and making a final decision.

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