What are Hose Bellows and Why Would I Need Them?

Hose bellows are a type of pipe fitting which are designed to use their unique flexibility to absorb vibration and noise, as well as correcting misaligned pipework or neutralising movement within a system – for example if a motor is causing vibration and shaking, and a conventional pipe would transmit that through the system, a hose bellows can prevent the shaking from going any further, stopping transmission at the free-moving bellows before it carries on.

Ideal for use in pumps and pumping stations to avoid the transmission of vibration and noise from the pump throughout the rest of the system, a hose bellows is usually a short tube of corrugated steel or a moulded rubber tube, sometimes in the form of a ball or other resilient shape, which can make the best use of the rubber’s flexible, shock-absorbing qualities.

This allows a certain degree of flexibility within a portion of your system, and, more importantly, means that you can put an inertial damper into yourpumping station, engine assembly or other motorised pipework. This isn’t just an improvement in comfort and noise levels, it can be mechanically important as well.

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What are the different types of hose bellows?

Hose bellows come in two distinct varieties, as noted above. The first, which has been explained more or less in detail, is the rubber bellows hose.By using thick, industrial-grade rubber, these bellows are able to provide an incredibly robust and tough hose, able to stop vibration dead in its tracks. Longer rubber bellows, or those composed of the traditional ridged bellows structure rather than a more esoteric ball, cube, pyramidor other shape, also has the advantage of using its more pipe-like structure to mimic the capabilities of a flexible hose, allowing some lateral movement or flexibility in the greater structure. This will allow your piping to survive a bend, unexpected or otherwise, making it much more resilient and providing you with some key peace of mind.

The second type of hose bellows is the corrugated steel hose bellows, which, while sometimes laterally inflexible and incapable of bending the way that a thin rubber hose bellows could, provides great strength and vibration absorption ability at low cost.

A corrugated steel bellows is made in a similar way to corrugated metal piping, with ridged metal tubing to allow flexibility and extension. It is then often braced to only allow extension and compression as axes of movement, creating a sturdy bellows which can move in extension and compression, forcing vibrations to travel along its length and be distributed through the bellows instead of transferring on as a solid pipe would. This causes sound and potentially dangerous vibrations to be eliminated or reduced to a negligible level throughout the system.

For more information on hose bellows – either rubber hose bellows or steel exhaust bellows – or to place an order or request a quote for bellows of your choice, you can get in touch with Proflex Hose on 01257 220 010 or visit their website at any time, and simply fill in the contact form there to get in contact. The experts at Proflex Hose will be happy to help you find the bellows that suit your needs!

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