Why Should You Use Steel Braided Hose?

Steel braided hose is popular in a range of industries thanks to its advantages over composite hose or plastic hosing – but what are these advantages, and how can they help your business?

First off, steel braided hose is made from a steel pipe or tube with corrugations set along its length, making it flexible. Once this has been done, a steel weave made from hundreds or thousands of interwoven steel slats is wrapped around the hose, like a sheath. This helps mimic the internal structure of veins and other vital blood vessels, with a flexible conduit protected by expansion- and abrasion-resistant materials on all sides.

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Thanks to this structure, steel braided hose is able to flex and bend while remaining highly resistant to damage, heat and pressure, making them ideal for intensive industrial applications such as high-pressure liquid piping and the absorption of movement and vibration in a system.

Thanks to a structure which is resistant to expansion and wear, steel braided hose has a huge range of uses in industries including the petrochemical, steel smelting, chemical production, automotive and energy generation industries, among others. Any industry which values extremely durable hose, able to withstand corrosion, high temperatures, impact damage and caustic atmospheres, may benefit from the use of steel braided hose.

Steel braided hose is, thanks to its corrugated hose core, a seamless way to transport fluids, and thanks to this seamlessness, it is perfectly suited to transporting gas under high pressure or piping thin liquids under any pressure constraint. While steel braided hose can resist a wide variety of pressures and temperatures, it should be noted that the pressure capabilities of the hose decrease as the temperature increases – this can be countered with additional layers of braiding, which will in turn decrease the flexibility of the hose.

Nevertheless, steel braided hose is perfect for use in correcting misaligned pipework, connecting pipes separated by moving parts, absorbing vibrations and movement, piping through a vacuum or under pressure, or piping pressurised fluids and vacuums as necessary. Stainless steel braided hose is even highly resistant to corrosion, and can maintain a good functional lifespan even in caustic atmospheres or pumping corrosive chemicals. Even two of the most inhospitable environments to steel – ocean water and coastal environments – are no match for stainless steel braided hose, since Type 316 stainless steel braided hose is suitable for sub-sea drenching and marine use, and will not simply corrode away like a normal metal would.

Where necessary, materials other than steel may be used for your braided hose, but these specialist materials – which include bronze and monel, are usually suited only for specific purposes, rather than the all-round excellence of braided steel.

If you need more information on braided steel hose and how it can help your business, just call the experts at Proflex Hose on 01257 220 010 today! They will be able to provide all the information you may need to come to an informed decision on your purchase.

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